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Counselling and Consultation Services

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Counselling Services

With over fifty years of counselling experience combined Michelle and Brian each offer different kinds of services to their clients. Van-Art Expression believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard and to find a safe place to explore on going challenges as well as ways to plan for the future. As an example Michelle uses the process of Mind Mapping in her work and Brian's love of music, sports, gaming and pop culture often allows him to support younger generations facing their own unique hurdles. Book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation today!



No person is an island.  This is especially true in the field of Counselling Therapy.  While therapists help others with their issues, they also need to take time for reflection and to address professional challenges that can sometimes arise within one's private practice. It is the responsibility of the counsellor to maintain balance within one's work and finding new ways to approach and interact with clients. Michelle has been a supervisor for over 18 years offering both one to one and group supervision options. She is passionate about this work and looks forward to hearing from you.  Book a phone appointment today!


Business Development

One of the most asked questions from new therapists entering the field is "What do I do to get started?"  Michelle has been teaching the approach to starting up private practice at many post secondary institutions and is available for private or group consultation.  Get your practice off the ground knowing you have everything in place! Book a phone appointment and get started with your plan!

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