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Answers to Common Questions


Do I need any prior music or art experience to benefit from music/art therapy?

No experience is necessary.   Music and art therapy is about the process of making versus the product made.  A song made in a session may not be a top 40 hit.  Art created in session may not be a museum masterpiece.  However, if that song or piece of art helps a client in their therapeutic process is a hit song or masterpiece for them.

How much is it?

Rates of therapy vary from single hour to multiple hour, single client to groups and also frequency of visits. For example, a client (i.e. care home) that has group therapy booked twice a week for two hours each time will pay a lower hourly rate than a single client who has booked a one hour session once a week. For the latest fee schedule, please contact us here.

How long does each therapy session take?

We base session time on a 50 minute hour (pretty much industry standard).  The other 10 minutes goes towards administrative time (note-taking, billing, and/or preparing the space for the next client).

How long have you been doing this?

Michelle has been in practice since 1994.  Brian has been in practice since 1998. Learn more about us here.

What about Covid -19? Do you do remote sessions and how secure are they?

In response to the current Pandemic, Van-Art Expression has implemented Covid-19 protocols for their office and are offering remote sessions using the Zoom for Healthcare platform.  This ensures privacy and compliance with all federal and provincial  privacy (PIPEDA/PIPA) standards in Canada.

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