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Art Therapy

What Materials Do I Use?

  There are many different art mediums which a client can use in the art therapy session. Traditional mediums including paint, pastels, and clay are still common but with Michelle's diverse background she also includes working with textiles, plant based materials and creative writing projects.  

   It is important to remember there is no previous art or creative experience necessary to do art therapy. The goal is to use the creative process to help the client find solutions to the challenges that brought them to the therapy.

How Long is a Session?
Most sessions run on a 50 minute therapeutic hour, with ten minutes built in for clean-up, session over-run and note taking. Sessions can be booked remotely or in-person. All remote sessions are being offered using Zoom TeleHealth which is both PIPA and PIPEDA compliant. All in-person sessions are being conducted following all Covid-19 protocols

  The benefits of art therapy vary depending on the goals set by the client. In most cases the art gives people a chance to express themselves using a creative outlet where the outcome is not about the product but about the process. There are circumstances however where the completion of certain projects becomes an essential part of the client’s therapeutic journey and healing. In addition the art making process there is often a degree of verbal counselling mixed into the session but that is always dependent on the client and their therapeutic needs. 

More Information
For more information please feel free to contact Michelle Oucharek-Deo. 

Michelle Oucharek-Deo, BFA, BCATR, RCAT, Registered Art Therapist 

Art Therapy: Services
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